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Best and Worst Minimate: Iron Man

Posted by Ken (Hellpop) Raining on 8/5/2015 to Deep Thoughts

Best and Worst Iron Man MinimateIron Man has a lot of Minimates. 62 at last count, including three still to come out later this year. That puts him ahead of even Spider-Man. If it seems like every new series or box set has an Iron Man in it, that's because they usually do. The character's current popularity notwithstanding, his frequent redesigns make him a toy line planner's dream. No need to invent specious reasoning or comb back issues for a new Batman or Spider-Man; Iron Man's loaded with legitimate looks, often within the same comic or movie. But what's the best Iron Man? What's the one that you should absolutely have in your collection? And conversely, which ones should you stay away from? Click the Read More link below to find out!