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Rick Grimes vs Marvel Zombies #2 Free Minimate Comic

Posted by Luke Porter on 5/31/2017 to News
Rick Grimes vs Marvel Zombies Free ComicHere is the second issue of my Rick Grimes VS Marvel Zombies series! This issue is one of my favorite things that I have ever made, and when you read it, I think you will know why. 

Click the Read More button below, or the title of this post, to see the full post with links to download the comic for free, or open it in a cool interactive online reader. 

New Minimates and Preorders!

Posted by Luke Porter on 5/11/2017 to News
New Minimate Preorders

It's time for a big update! First of all, we have a ton of cool preorders available, including a new wave of Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates and a classic series of TMNT Minimates from the 80's cartoon. There are a lot of Vinimates on the horizon, including some great characters from DC, Elf, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future.

After the preorder list, I have a list of what is coming next week, which is a huge shipment! It includes the Wolverine comic wave, the Spider-Man Homecoming movie wave, and a bunch of cool Vinimates. And finally, the Pirates of the Caribbean Minimates will be here by the end of the month. Check it all out below:

New Preorders

Arriving Next Week

Coming Soon