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Guest Post: What Toys are Compatible with Minimates?

Posted by Gavin Hanson on 2/16/2018 to Deep Thoughts
RooftopWe have a guest post by Gavin Hanson on toy lines that are compatible with Minimates (with photos by Luke). Take it away, Gavin! 

Minimates are many things. They are diverse and, despite their small size, they have quite a lot of articulation. One of the only things that Minimates fail to provide to the line is a place or scene to display them in. While it’s true that there was a DC Minimates building set line, unfortunately it ended prematurely.

Luckily for us, other companies have stepped up to the plate to help with that! Building block companies such as Lego, Mega Bloks, and McFarlane Toys have been making more and more toys and sets that scale nearly perfectly with Minimates.

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