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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Vinimates

Posted by Luke Porter on 10/1/2017 to Deep Thoughts
The Vinimates line started in 2015, and has been growing rapidly. It is basically Diamond’s answer to the Funko Pop craze. I know there are a lot of collectors out there who have not given Vinimates a chance yet. I would like to offer you these 5 reasons why they are worth your time and money.

Back to the Future Vinyl Figures1. They are in the Minimate style that we love

The first thing that drew my attention to Minimates over 13 years ago was the style. The balance between the head and body and limbs is very appealing. Vinimates keep those same proportions, along with the Minimate face style. It’s hard to explain, but when I have a Vinimate in my hands, it has the same charm as a Minimate. Even though the only articulation is in the neck joint, I am drawn to the style and the feel. Vinimates are easier to spot from across the room, and my small (but growing) collection makes me happy to see.

2. The paint apps are amazing

If you have collected Minimates for any period of time, you have probably found a figure with a bad paint job. So far (knock on wood), every Vinimate I have seen has a perfect paint job. Not only is it well done, but the level of detail is higher than other vinyl figures. I have consistently been impressed with the vibrance and quality of the paint apps across this entire line. They really pop!

Batman Vinimate Vinyl Figure3. They have the DC license!

Minimate collectors have been hoping for a return to DC Minimates for years. Even though we have Gotham and Watchmen, it still isn’t the main DC line that we all want. Well, Vinimates has that line! They are basically giant Minimates of the big name DC characters. And although the articulation isn’t there, the look and feel is. As of this writing I just opened my Batman and Green Lantern Vinimates, and I absolutely love them. The most recent word from Diamond is that DC Minimates are not going to happen, so these are the next best thing.

Staypuft Man Vinimate Vinyl Figure4. Larger characters are close to Minimate scale

Some Vinimates can be used as in-scale giant-sized Minimates. The ones that immediately come to mind are the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Dr. Manhatten, and the Iron Giant. They might not be large enough to truly be in-scale with Minimates, but they are a lot larger than the Minimate versions! On my shelf, I have the Battle Damaged Stay Puft Man towering over my Ghostbusters Minimates, and it looks amazing. Soon I am going to do the same thing with Dr. Manhatten and my Watchmen Minimates. If you are on the fence about Vinimates, maybe one of these nearly-in-scale characters would be a good place to start?

Buddy the Elf Vinyl Figure5. They are an easy toy line to jump onboard

Vinimates are a relatively new toy line, and there have only been a few exclusives so far. This means that if you are the kind of collector who likes to complete a full line of toys, you won’t have to spend a fortune on rare figures - everything released so far is pretty easy to obtain. And at $10 per figure, they are comparable to other vinyl figures. I think they are much more unique looking than Funko Pops, and the paint apps are better. So for me, the $10 is much better spent on these. If you have not tried a Vinimate out of the package yet, I highly recommend it!

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