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What Disney's Purchase of Fox Means for Minimates

Posted by Luke Porter on 12/14/2017 to Deep Thoughts

Today it was announced that Disney is purchasing most of 20th Century Fox. This acquisition includes a huge amount of properties, licenses, content producers, and television networks. There are a ton of articles online about the implications of this massive purchase, but in this article, I am only going to focus on what it could mean for Minimates.

The Return of the Fantastic Four

In late 2014, Disney began limiting or cancelling all merchandise related to the Fantastic Four. Although no official statement was made, this was most likely due to Disney wanting to distance itself from Fox's Fantastic Four movie. Many collectible lines were affected by this, including Minimates. The last wave of Minimates to focus on the Fantastic Four was Marvel Minimates Series 48 and the accompanying Toys R Us wave. Since then there have been very few Minimates related to the FF corner of the Marvel Universe.

With the Fantastic Four movie rights coming back to Marvel, many people expect a big return in the comics, and a return to FF merchandise. This could mean new Fantastic Four Minimates as well. Although we have received the main team in most of their costumes, there are still a lot of villains that still need to be made. The most notable are:

  • Red Ghost and Super Apes
  • Wizard and the Frightful Four
  • Psycho-Man
  • The Mad Thinker and Awesome Android
  • Diablo
  • Dragon Man
I am a huge Fantastic Four fan, and I would love to see another wave like Series 48 that included many of these villains. Maybe now it can happen!

Deadpool and X-Men Movie Minimates

Disney also didn't allow certain types of merchandise to be produced from some of the recent Fox X-Men films. The last set of movie-related X-Men Minimates to be created were the X-Men: Days of Future Past sets in 2014. With the Disney acquisition of Fox, Minimates could be produced from upcoming movies such as Deadpool 2 and New Mutants. DST could also capitalize on the enduring popularity of Logan and release a 4-pack based on that film. 

Do you have any other ideas on what this could mean for Minimates? Leave a comment below! 


Date 12/14/2017
Joe Hill
Does this mean X-Men: Dark Phoenix minimates? I hope so! For a non-minimate thought, I hope it also means that Marvel Studios can start influencing the X-Men movies for the future. While I have had fun with Fox's X-Men, I think it needs a reboot after Dark Phoenix. Cyclops, Rogue, Angel, and Emma Frost deserve better treatment!
Date 12/14/2017
Luke Porter
Joe I completely agree about the reboot - I think Marvel should start fresh with them.
Date 12/14/2017
Unfortunately I don't see the 3 current Fox movies will get minimates. Maybe Deadpool. Thankfully I think they'll keep his movies what they are with Deadpool. I mostly look forward to MCU FF and x-men joining my current MCU minimates. The comic and fox figures just don't look right with them.
Date 12/14/2017
Luke Porter
Levi I think you are probably right - from the current group, the only one I could see getting Minimates is Deadpool 2.

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