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Welcome to the NEW Luke's Toy Store!

Posted by Luke Porter on 3/19/2016 to News
Minimates at Luke's Toy StoreWelcome to the NEW Luke’s Toy Store! We have redesigned our web site from the ground up to continue to make LTS the best place to buy Minimates online. So why did we make this change? Like most online stores, we use an ecommerce provider for the software that runs our shopping cart, customer accounts, and other “backend” items. Our previous provider suddenly raised our costs by over 300% with very little notice. We could not continue to operate with those higher costs and still offer you the best deals on Minimates. We have spent the past few weeks evaluating other providers, finding one that was the best fit for our store and our customers, and redesigning our store to work with that system. Our new web site is very flexible and responsive, and we hope you like the changes that we have made. 

New Improvements 

  1. Our biggest addition is Waiting Lists. When we are sold out of an item, and if there is a chance that we will get the item again, the "Add to Cart" button will change into a "Put me on the Waiting List" button. When you click this, our system will ask for your name and email, and it will automatically email you when the item is back in stock again. If you are logged in to your Luke's Toy Store account, you can keep track of which items are on your Waiting List. Currently this feature is available on items such as the Marvel Minimates Walgreens exclusives, since we are confident that we will be able to find more of these. For items that we cannot get more of, we simply remove those listings from our store. We hope this new addition will help you fill in the gaps in your collection without having to resort to eBay prices. 
  2. Our next addition is a shipping calculator right on the shopping cart page. In our previous store, you would have to go all the way through the checkout process before you could see what shipping would be. Now it is in a more convenient place, and you can make changes to your cart and see how it affects the shipping right away. 
  3.  We have also added a better wish list system. You can now have multiple wish lists, and choose which ones you would like to share with others, and which you would like to keep private. Your “public” wish lists will have a special URL that you can share with your friends and family, or share online. It is easy to convert all or some of a wish list into an order. 
  4. Finally, our new store has a better inventory system for us. In our previous store, some of you may have encountered situations where we had a mistake in our inventory, and an item was not available for you. We discovered that our previous ecommerce provider was causing many of these problems. If there was only one left of a particular item, their software was allowing more than one person to purchase it. We have tested our new store extensively, and have worked with our new provider to make sure this doesn't happen. This means a better shopping experience for you, and better inventory management for us. 
 The only real drawback to the new store is that you will have to register as a customer again. This is a quick process, and it will also allow us to make sure we have the most current information for you. You can re-register here. All of your preorders from our previous store are still valid, and we will be contacting you individually regarding the status of those orders. 

Thank you very much for supporting our store!


Date 6/6/2016

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