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Toy Fair 2016 Minimates

Posted by Luke Porter on 2/19/2016 to News

There were a ton of new Minimates on display at Toy Fair 2016! It was especially exciting for Marvel and Aliens fans. All of the images below are courtesy of Jordamus Prime. You can follow him on Instagram  here - thanks Jordamus! Here are the reveals:

Marvel Minimates Series 68

For a lot of fans, the biggest news is that Marvel Minimates Series 68 will be based on Giant Size X-Men, and will include some great updates to classic Minimates, as well as our first Sunfire in this costume. I love the new cape on Storm and the new details on Thunderbird. I also like the alternate head for Sunfire - I am going to keep two of him for displaying him both ways. 

The other big Marvel news was that 4-packs will be released based on the Netflix shows Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I still have not seen these shows (I know... I know...), so I can't comment on the characters, but the likenesses are spot on!

This is the 4th series of Walgreens exclusive Marvel Minimates. The top row is Man Thing, SHIELD Armor Spider-Man, Nighthawk, and Iron Man. The bottom row is Luke Cage, Knight Spider-Man, Thor, and Power Princess. I have also not seen these shows yet, but I am sure I will be watching them soon. I will definitely be picking up that Man Thing, and I really like this version of Iron Man.

The biggest Aliens news was the unveiling of the APC vehicle. I think this is the best Minimate vehicle yet. It looks fantastic, and it holds 4 Minimates. I was not expecting this to be made!

Here is a better look at Aliens Series 3 - the promotional images did not have the helmets on, so it was nice to see those on display. I might have to keep an extra set for more Doctor Who customs.

These Minimates are from the 2nd series of Predator blind bags. This is a different Stealth Predator than Series 2 - this one is a Stealth City Predator. The figure on the far right is Ash Covered Harrigan from Predator 2. I don't remember much of Predator 2 - I need to rewatch it soon.

The 3rd series of Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates was on display, and includes Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Bunny and Pumpkin King, Bug-Covered Oogie Boogie, Mrs. Finkelstein, Melted Man, and Pajama Jack Skellington. I am glad to see the new characters, but the Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Bunny doesn't make much sense.

A new wave of Star Trek: The Original Series Minimates is being released, which will include the main characters in 2-packs. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Original Series, which is why these particular characters are being re-released. They have different face tampos from the originals, with Sulu and Scotty in particular looking much improved. I am still holding out hope for more Next Generation Minimates. 

This is the first 2-pack from I, Zombie - a comic that I am not familiar with. But I have heard good things about it!

A ton of Vinimates were on display (3.5" stylized Vinyl figures) from Predator, Aliens, Back to the Future, Lost in Space, and Nightmare Before Christmas. DST is really pushing these, and I like the style of these better than Funko Pops. I was not expecting to see so many new ones all at once!

My favorite Toy Fair reveal was definitely the Giant Size X-Men Minimates. What was yours?

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