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Rewards Program and Other Updates

Posted by Luke Porter on 12/26/2016 to News

Some big updates in our store:
  1. We have started our reward points program! The point are called Lukers (my wife insisted on this) and you will earn 100 Lukers for every $1 spent in our store. You will be able to redeem them for special items / certain Minimate sets / gift certificates in our store. These special items are not ready yet, but the points will start accruing as of today (we can't do it on any previous orders or preorders). We have some cool items in the works for this. You can see more details here:
  2. We are changing our preorder policy for credit card orders. Starting today, we will be charging credit cards as soon as a preorder is placed, and not waiting until the items come in stock. I know this will be inconvenient for some of you, and I am sorry that we had to make this change. But each time we receive a large Minimate shipment, we have dozens of credit cards that cannot be processed for one reason or another, and we have spent countless hours this year with invoicing and correspondence related to these orders. All existing preorders will fall under our old policy, and will not be charged until those items come in stock. I know this policy will also affect those of you who prefer to place multiple smaller preorders and have us combine them into larger shipments. We can still combine orders, but we will need to charge them as they come in. We will refund extra shipping when we process your order. 
  3. And speaking of combining orders, if you would like us to add to an order, please place a separate order through our store and request that we combine your orders in the comments box during checkout. This helps us to maintain correct inventory numbers so that mistakes and shortages do not occur. We will refund extra shipping when we process your order.

Thanks for all of your support in 2016, and we are looking forward to a great 2017! 

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