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Mysterio & Hydro-Man Minimates
Marvel Minimates Series 77

Mysterio & Hydro-Man Minimates

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The record-breaking 77th series of Marvel Minimates is here, and it's dedicated to the friends and foes of the Spectacular Spider-Man! Four two-packs feature Black Costume Spider-Man with Kraven the Hunter, Miles Morales with Prowler, Mysterio with Hydro-Man, and Vulture with Molten Man. Plus, if you get all four sets, you get the parts to build the Spider-Slayer! Each 2" Minimates mini-figure features fully interchangeable parts and accessories. 


"This is a dream wave for a lot of people, with new releases like Prowler and Molten Man, and improved releases of old, rare Minimates like Kraven, Vulture, and Hydro-Man. I am still geeking out about the Spider Slayer as the build-a-figure! He has been on my to-be-customized list for years."

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