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My Top 5 Most Wanted Minimate Licenses

Posted by Luke Porter on 5/29/2016 to Deep Thoughts

Speculation is a natural part of being a collector. Which licenses could possibly become official Minimates some day? What if Diamond Select Toys could get any license? Today I am going to tell you about the 5 properties I would like to see as Minimates if licensing was not an issue. I think my first 4 choices are pretty common, and the last one is definitely out-there.

1. Doctor Who Minimates

Doctor Who Minimates

This is an easy license to picture, since official concept art for this property has already been made. Underground Toys had the license back in 2010, and had a full line-up planned, but ended up passing on them due to production costs and other commitments. I have been a Doctor Who fan for over 20 years, and this would definitely be my top most wanted Minimate license. I have already made over 30 Doctor Who Minimate customs, but that isn't quite the same as the real thing. My favorite custom set that I made is this Pyramids of Mars packaged set:

Doctor Who Custom Minimates

I think this property would work very well as 2-packs for the modern series, and 4-packs for the classic series. You could potentially mix classic and modern together in the same series of 2-packs, but that didn't work out so well for DST on the recent Star Trek Minimates. If you split them up, each 4-pack could focus on a classic Doctor and his companions and/or adversaries. You could even make episode-specific sets. The modern 2-packs could be released for each series, similar to how they released the 5” action figures. 

2. New Line Horror Minimates

Horror Minimates

My wife and I started watching horror movies when we were teenagers and first dating. We watched every single horror movie at our local Mr. Movies store, and some of them multiple times. I will always have an affinity for Jason, Freddy, Pinhead, and other slasher/horror villains. These characters have been featured in various other toy lines, but I think their unique designs would really shine on Minimates. I made a few custom horror Minimates several  years ago, like this Jason Voorhees:

Jason Voorhees Custom Minimate

In the Universal Monsters series of Minimates, the villains were typically packaged with civilian heroes. I think that could work in certain situations, like packing Dr. Loomis with Michael Myers, but in other packs I would prefer to get more villains. Give me Pamela Voorhees with Jason Voorhees and another creepy cenobite with Pinhead. You could even pack in a victim that includes some of the gruesome accessories that the Walking Dead zombies come with. I think those types of choices would make a line like this really stand out, and attract the attention of a wider audience.

3. Indiana Jones Minimates

Indiana Jones Minimates

The Lucasfilm (now Disney) property that most people ask for is Star Wars Minimates. But personally, I would rather have Minimates from the Indiana Jones series. I know that Diamond has tried to get this license before, but I believe that was before the Disney acquisition. With a 5th movie coming out in a few years, and with Diamond already making Minimates from other Disney properties, maybe this is a possibility?

I think this license would work really well as a wave of 2-packs from each movie, and if those do well, make another wave or two to finish things up. There are some great army builder possibilities as well. I don’t know if DST would be willing to make Nazi soldiers, but they would work perfectly with the WW2 era Cap and Invaders Minimates from a few years ago. If the line did really well, perhaps we could even see vehicles, similar to what DST is currently planning for the Aliens license.

4. The Beatles Minimates

The Beatles Minimates

There aren’t a lot of Beatles toys out there. Due to a sculpting incident many years ago, they will only allow toys to be made of their cartoon looks. Apparently one bad sculpt of John Lennon was created, and due to that, no more "realistic" Beatles toys are allowed. However, Minimates are stylized toys to begin with, so perhaps a license agreement could be possible. I made a set of customs from A Hard Day's Night that gives you an idea of what Beatles Minimates could look like:

The Beatles Custom Minimates

If their position on toys ever changed, I would love to get a series of Minimate 4-packs based on all of their different looks. Just off the top of my head you could have sets from their first Ed Sullivan Show appearance, their Sgt. Peppers outfits, and their Let it Be looks. And yes you could still do a Yellow Submarine set. If all of those did well you could look at sets from A Hard Day's Night, Help, and Magical Mystery Tour. An added bonus would be that we would finally get Minimate instruments! And possibly the success of this line could open the door for more music-based Minimates.

5. Groo the Wanderer Minimates

Groo Minimates

You might not have heard of Groo the Wanderer before, but his comics have been published semi-regularly since the early 80's. It is a comedy/fantasy series drawn by Mad Magazine's Sergio Aragonés. Groo is highly skilled at fighting, but otherwise is incredibly stupid and accident prone. He has extremely good intentions, but tends to cause chaos and mass destruction wherever he goes. It is very funny and well written, and I have been reading Groo comics for about 20 years.  

The only Groo toys to be produced were unarticulated PVC figures released around 2001 and some unpainted metal miniatures in 1986. Groo has a colorful, unique universe that would translate very well to the Minimate style. I think the best format for this license would be to start off with 2 different 4-packs, and produce more 4-packs if sales were strong. I made a custom Groo Minimate several years ago, but he really needs a sculpted nose to complete the look:

Groo Custom Minimate

What are your top 5 most wanted Minimate licenses?


Date 5/29/2016
I'd be totally behind most of these! Especially Indiana Jones and The Beatles! Let me add 5: 1) John Hughes Films (Ferris Bueller 4 pack with Ferris, Cameron, Sloan and Ed Rooney... Breakfast Club, maybe even Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink) 2) Silverhawks (Hey, it worked for Thundercats!) 3) The Usual Suspects (Sorry, I just love that film... a five pack with Benicio Del Toro, Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Pollack and Kevin a two pack with Chaz Palminteri and the late Pete Postlethwaite) That's all it would take! Just need two set piece accessories. The police line-up wall and the bulletin board! 4) The A-Team! C'mon! Just one boxed set and the van with Mr. T variant! 5) My real must have is a CW DC Universe set but we know how that conversation will go. Still, since we're dreaming: Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supegirl all have tons of characters to choose from: Arrow, Diggle, Black Canary, White Canary, Speedy, Arsenal, Atom, Constantine, Vixen, Flash, Atom, Firestorm, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Jonah Hex, Rip Hunter, Jay Garrick, Rex Tyler, Det. Lance, Felicity, Harrison Wells, Joe West, Iris West, Caitlyn Snow, Cisco Ramon, Martin Stein, Ronnie Raymond, Jax Jackson, Red Tornado, James Olsen, Wynn, Cat Grant. And Villains! Wow, too many to list but Deathstroke, Deadshot, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Captain Boomerang, Trickster, Weather Wizard, King Shark, Cupid, Bronze Tiger, Livewire, Banshee, Pied Piper, Reverse Flash, Zoom, Grodd, Vandal Savage...just for starters...
Date 6/8/2016
I'd love to see an A-Team boxed set, and a vehicle set with the iconic van.
Date 7/6/2016
Sascha W.
Joe As a long time fan of Groo, I would love to see Minimates or really anyone make a set of articulated figures. How did you achieve the one you created. Great job on that, BTW! I would love to do the same. What did you start with? I'd love to hear your process. thanks sascha

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