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My Top 5 Favorite Minimates

Posted by Luke Porter on 7/25/2015 to Deep Thoughts

I was called out by @scotts_comicfigphotography on Instagram to share my top 5 favorite Minimates in my collection. This set could include customs, which definitely changed my line-up. Here is the group shot, with an explanation of my choices below:

Carnage is there for two reasons. The original Spider-Man / Carnage 2-pack from Marvel Minimates Series 2 was my first set of Minimates. It started the 11  year chain of events that led up to this very blog post. The Carnage above is from our Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Minimates 4-pack, which represents all of the passion that I have for our store, and all of the milestones that led to us getting our own exclusive.

Mr. Fantastic was my favorite super hero as a kid, and I have read all 600+ issues of Fantastic Four (even through the terrible 90's). This Minimate of him was from Marvel Minimates Series 48, which was a dream come true for FF fans, especially with the companion TRU wave. I think his accessories are the most fun and versatile set of parts that any Minimate has ever come with. 

The Doctor (Tom Baker) is one of my favorite customs, and represents all of the Doctor Who customs that I have done. I am still hoping to do more, both classic and modern. I have been a Doctor Who fan for over 20 years, ever since my friend's weird older brother put on "this goofy British show" for us to watch. 

Auger (from Inhumanoids) is from my 80's Action Figures as Minimatesset of customs. He is one of my favorite customs of all time, but he also represents all of the cool toys I had as a kid. I have a few more 80's toy customs at that link, and also check out this set of Minimates that my friend Brian did: Heroes of the 80's Minimates

Sagat was another big part of my childhood, as my brother Matt and I used to play Street Fighter 2 every day after school. And not only did we play it - we logged all of our matches in a notebook for over 10 years. After over 7,000 matches, we were still nearly tied. I love the Street Fighter Minimates that we have gotten so far, and some day I will customize the rest.

So as you can see, nostalgia is a big part of my choices. I went for the Minimates that were special to me personally, as opposed to which ones simply look the coolest. That would probably be a different set of 5, although Carnage would still be included. :)

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