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Marvel Minimates Series 78: X-Factor Full Set of 8
Marvel Minimates Series 78

Marvel Minimates Series 78: X-Factor Full Set of 8

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X-Factor Assemble! The newest series of Marvel Minimates shines the spotlight on not just one but two X-Factor teams! A member of the classic 1980s X-Factor is paired with a member of the also-classic '90s X-Factor team. Cyclops comes with his brother Havok, Jean Grey comes with Polaris, Beast comes with Wolfsbane, Archangel comes with Jamie Madrox, and if you collect all four sets your get the parts to build Strong Guy!

This full set of 8 includes the following 2-packs:

  • Cyclops & Havok
  • Jean Grey & Polaris
  • Beast & Wolfsbane
  • Archangel & Multiple Man

Luke Says: "I am really excited to have 90's X-Factor as Minimates - they have been on my wanted list for years! And our exclusive Multiple Man 2-pack makes this wave even more special to me. September can't come soon enough!"

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