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Luke's Toy Store is Green!

We have always strived to be a green company. We save on paper by not including packing slips unless requested. We frequently re-use boxes, so it is possible that your order might come in a box from another company! We would rather re-use the box ourselves than bring it to a recycling center where tax dollars would be used to recycle it.

When we open Minimate packages to make the figures loose, we recycle all of the original package materials. When we pack orders, we use a variety of environmentally friendly packing materials. The packing paper we use is 100% recycled content, recyclable, and biodegradable. The bubble wrap we use is minimum 15% recycled plastic, minimum 10% post-consumer content, and recyclable. 

Our USPS Priority Mail boxes are recyclable, and they are also created in an energy-efficient way. The design of the box considers water and energy use during the manufacturing process. According to the USPS website, the green manufacturing process of a half-billion boxes and cardboard envelopes each year results in the prevention of over 15,000 metric tons of carbon-equivalent emissions that would be produced in traditional manufacturing.

And finally, the offices and data centers used by our web host are all powered by 100% wind energy!