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Last One: Autographed Set of Walking Dead Series 1
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Last One: Autographed Set of Walking Dead Series 1

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When we purchased a large quantity of Minimates from a store in California a few years ago, the owner told us how they met a crew member of The Walking Dead. This crew member was a make-up artist on the show, and was back from Alabama in between seasons to work on a California-based production for a few months. They specialized in zombie make-up, and worked on many of the walkers on the show. The owner had this person sign a set of Walking Dead Minimates Series 1. HOWEVER they did not remember this crew member's name. The signature seems to read Snat or S. Nat or possibly even Swat or S. Wat. I have been through the IMDB crew listings for the show, and I can't find anyone who matches any of those possibilities. So this item is really a mystery autograph from someone who supposedly worked on the show that I can't verify, but I do trust the former owner. 

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