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Kingdom Hearts Minimates Series 2 Full Set of 6
Kingdom Hearts Minimates

Kingdom Hearts Minimates Series 2 Full Set of 6

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Minimates mini-figures are diving back into the world of Kingdom Hearts, and Series 2 spotlights more of Disney and Square Enix's biggest stars from the second Kingdom Hearts game! The series includes two-packs of Organization 13 Mickey with a Soldier, Master Form Sora with Pete, and an exclusive 2-pack of Space Paranoids Goofy with the villainous Sark! Each Minimates mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts and accessories

This full set of 6 includes the following sets:

  • Organization 13 Mickey & Soldier
  • Master Form Sora & Pete
  • Space Paranoids Goofy & Sark


"I am a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and I am really excited for this series. I can't wait to see which other Disney characters are included in the line. My wife and I played the first two main Kingdom Hearts games together, and we are looking forward to the 3rd game"

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