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Industrial Rail Yard Deluxe Set
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Industrial Rail Yard Deluxe Set

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The massive Industrial Rail Yard Deluxe Set includes an incredible amount of Minimate-scale pieces. This item is also compatible with the Industrial Monorail set we also have available. This Industrial Rail Yard Deluxe Set includes:
  • 1x Large Platform
  • 2x Medium Platforms
  • 2x Small Platforms
  • 8x Tall Legs
  • 16x Short Legs
  • 4x Leg Extenders
  • 12x Double Feet
  • 8x Single Feet
  • 2x Tall Stairs
  • 3x Short Stairs
  • 1x Container
  • 2x Tank Jacks
  • 5x Small Crates
  • 1x Long Tall Barricade
  • 1x Medium Tall Barricade
  • 1x Narrow Tall Barricade
  • 1x Long Short Barricade
  • 1x Medium Short Barricade
  • 1x Narrow Short Barricade
  • 1x Tall Ladder
  • 1x Medium Ladder
  • 1x Short Ladder
  • 1x Long Catwalk
  • 1x Short Catwalk
  • 3x Ladder Stands
They are made of dense cardboard with high resolution graphics. Assembly and superglue is required, but once you are finished, you will have an epic display scene!

Lukers Rewards

4000 Lukers will be rewarded to you when you buy this item.

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