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How to Upgrade your Iron Man Mark 50 Minimate

Posted by Luke Porter on 6/13/2018 to How To
Iron Man Mark 50The Minimate Multiverse user Onyx_6 posted about how he upgraded his Iron Man Mark 50 Minimate from Infinity War, and I loved it so much that I decided to copy his recipe and post some instructions and photos here. You will need A Funko Pop figure of this same armor, along with a hobby knife, superglue, and possibly a drill. 

First, you will need to remove the Funko Pop from his stand - it is glued on, so just give it a tug. Next, I removed the foot boosters by bending and twisting them until they came out. 

The arm cannon is also glued on, so pull and twist that until it pops off.

Next, remove the wings by first bending them forward, to release the glue on the sides, and then cutting off the piece that connects them to the body. Inspect your cut after it is removed - if it isn't straight you will need to shave some pieces off to make it one smooth slice.

The hole in the arm cannon is a little bit too small for a Minimate arm. I used a drill to enlarge the hole, but you could also try to cut some of the material inside away with a thin hobby knife. 

Now all that remains is to glue on the foot boosters and wings to the Minimate! I use a gel-based superglue by Loctite, because I find that works better for Minimates than the thin, runny superglue.

Enjoy your upgraded Iron Man Mark 50!

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