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Luke's Toy Store is a family-run online store that was founded in July 2009. We started off carrying Minimates, accessories, and customizing supplies. Since then we have expanded to dioramas, displays, and the largest selection of loose Minimates and loose Minimate parts anywhere online. Since our founding we have shipped over 20,000 orders!

I am Luke and I bought my first set of Minimates in 2004. It was the Spider-Man & Carnage 2-Pack from Marvel Minimates Series 2. I saw it sitting on the pegs at Suncoast Pictures, and I loved the style and simplicity. I told myself I would only buy that one pack. Two weeks later I had all of Series 1 and 2. Six months later I was customizing my own Minimates. Five years later my wife and I decided to start our own online Minimates store!

Luke's Toy Store

Luke Porter, owner of Luke's Toy Store

My wife and I founded this online toy store with three main principles in mind. The first is that our customers can expect the highest level of customer service. This means we will give you timely order updates, honest product descriptions, speedy responses to your concerns, and sturdy packaging to protect your purchases. 

The second principle is that our customers can expect the highest level of safety. Your credit card information is NOT stored on our servers, and PayPal provides us with the best data encryption in the industry to protect your information during processing. 

The third principle is that we are always available to answer customizing questions, help find rare items, or just chat about Minimates in general! We pride ourselves in being your Minimate experts, so feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

Please take a look around the site, and check our F.A.Q. page to learn more about payment options, shipping, and more. Thanks for stopping by! 

Are you new to Minimates? Check out our page: What are Minimates?

Here is what our customers say about us: 

"I've made multiple orders from Luke's Toy Store, and never had a problem with any of them. Great prices, fast service and great rates on shipping - Luke takes the hassle out of collecting Minimates!"-Jeff, West Des Moines, Iowa


"Luke's is like the neighborhood comic store where you used to buy your toys – you know the owner, he knows you, and you can count on being treated like a regular. Great service from someone who truly values each customer."-Brian, Las Vegas, Nevada


"Minimates have often been hard to come by in the UK, with me usually having to scower eBay for some deal. Since discovering Luke's Toy Store, I've found a great place for getting not only the latest waves of Minimates but also some of the hard to come by convention and store exclusives, all at a great and a very reasonable price. Additionally his various accessories, ranging from modified Lego pieces to his accessories bags and store exclusives like the custom figures and dioramas have all been great additions for my collection. And finally the various customizing tools he has on offer have been helpful for opening up the world of customizing to me. All in all, a credit to the minimate community."-Peter, Gloucester, England


"Having been one of Luke's Toy Stores first customers, I can say with all assurance that it would be hard to find an on-line store that will give better service than LTS. I have ordered multiple orders from them and have never had any issues at all. As close as it came was once I received a product that was produced wrong and, even though it wasn't Luke's fault, he took care of the issue for me. This is the kind of thing that separates Luke's Toy Store from most any other on-line store I've ordered from: personal service from a fan who wants to help other fans out. I think you can also see this through the products and exclusives that the store carries also. I can say with confidence that ordering through Luke's Toy Store have been by far the best experiences I've had with on-line ordering over the last several years."- Joshua, Whitestown, Indiana