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5 Minimate Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

Posted by Luke Porter on 11/23/2015 to Deep Thoughts

There are a ton of people on Instagram posting amazing Minimate pictures every single day. Today I want to focus on 5 photographers that consistently post great stuff. If you haven't used Instagram before, simply download the app on your mobile device, install it, and search for the #minimates hashtag. You will see photos from the 5 people below, along with many others. 

Make sure to follow me at @Luke314pi as I post pictures almost daily, and we are starting to do free Minimate giveaways that are exclusive to Instagram. :)

1. @planet_of_the_mates

Some of the best Minimate photos on Instagram come from  @planet_of_the_mates. You can really see the focus on composition and camera angles that goes into every shot. Throw in some computer effects and some photo competitions, and you have a must-follow account. 

2. @minimate_sherbert

@minimate_sherbert generally focuses on 1-2 Minimates at a time, and shows them from multiple angles and in different poses. This is especially helpful with newer Minimates, as it gives you a better indication of what it is like to have the figure in-hand. He uses a lot of backdrops and accessories, which make the photos really come to life.

3. @marvelous_minimates

There have been numerous team-ups in the Marvel Universe over the years, and @marvelous_minimates assembles these teams using Minimates. The icing on the cake is the use of custom Minimates, along with detailed information about the team-up in the comments of each photo.

4. @yerrot13

In addition to posting great photos in general, @yerrot13 makes a lot of great Minimate customs that he features in his pics. He also posts Minimate fights that span multiple images. His page is definitely worth checking out.

5. @assassinpool

With @assassinpool you will get a great mix of everything that I mentioned above: fight scenes, custom figures, special effects, and all-around good photos. He even throws some jokes into the mix. He was one of the first Minimate photographers I found on Instagram, and I come back every day to check out his new posts.

These 5 photographers barely scratch the surface of how many people are out there posting cool Minimate pictures every day. If you haven't tried Instagram before, I hope this post will inspire you to start!

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