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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Vinimates

Posted by Luke Porter on 10/1/2017 to Deep Thoughts
The Vinimates line started in 2015, and has been growing rapidly. It is basically Diamond’s answer to the Funko Pop craze. I know there are a lot of collectors out there who have not given Vinimates a chance yet. I would like to offer you these 5 reasons why they are worth your time and money.

Back to the Future Vinyl Figures1. They are in the Minimate style that we love

The first thing that drew my attention to Minimates over 13 years ago was the style. The balance between the head and body and limbs is very appealing. Vinimates keep those same proportions, along with the Minimate face style. It’s hard to explain, but when I have a Vinimate in my hands, it has the same charm as a Minimate. Even though the only articulation is in the neck joint, I am drawn to the style and the feel. Vinimates are easier to spot from across the room, and my small (but growing) collection makes me happy to see.

2. The paint apps are amazing

If you have collected Minimates for any period of time, you have probably found a figure with a bad paint job. So far (knock on wood), every Vinimate I have seen has a perfect paint job. Not only is it well done, but the level of detail is higher than other vinyl figures. I have consistently been impressed with the vibrance and quality of the paint apps across this entire line. They really pop!

Batman Vinimate Vinyl Figure3. They have the DC license!

Minimate collectors have been hoping for a return to DC Minimates for years. Even though we have Gotham and Watchmen, it still isn’t the main DC line that we all want. Well, Vinimates has that line! They are basically giant Minimates of the big name DC characters. And although the articulation isn’t there, the look and feel is. As of this writing I just opened my Batman and Green Lantern Vinimates, and I absolutely love them. The most recent word from Diamond is that DC Minimates are not going to happen, so these are the next best thing.

Staypuft Man Vinimate Vinyl Figure4. Larger characters are close to Minimate scale

Some Vinimates can be used as in-scale giant-sized Minimates. The ones that immediately come to mind are the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Dr. Manhatten, and the Iron Giant. They might not be large enough to truly be in-scale with Minimates, but they are a lot larger than the Minimate versions! On my shelf, I have the Battle Damaged Stay Puft Man towering over my Ghostbusters Minimates, and it looks amazing. Soon I am going to do the same thing with Dr. Manhatten and my Watchmen Minimates. If you are on the fence about Vinimates, maybe one of these nearly-in-scale characters would be a good place to start?

Buddy the Elf Vinyl Figure5. They are an easy toy line to jump onboard

Vinimates are a relatively new toy line, and there have only been a few exclusives so far. This means that if you are the kind of collector who likes to complete a full line of toys, you won’t have to spend a fortune on rare figures - everything released so far is pretty easy to obtain. And at $10 per figure, they are comparable to other vinyl figures. I think they are much more unique looking than Funko Pops, and the paint apps are better. So for me, the $10 is much better spent on these. If you have not tried a Vinimate out of the package yet, I highly recommend it!

You can find all of our Vinimates in our Vinimates section.

Rick Grimes vs Marvel Zombies #3 Free Minimate Comic

Posted by Luke Porter on 7/18/2017 to News
Rick Grimes vs Marvel Zombies Free Comic
The third and final issue of my Rick Grimes VS Marvel Zombies series is finished and is ready for you to read or download! This is the epic completion of Rick's story, and answers the question of what a normal man would do with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Click the Read More button below, or the title of this post, to see the full post with links to download the comic for free, or open it in a cool interactive online reader. 

Rick Grimes vs Marvel Zombies #2 Free Minimate Comic

Posted by Luke Porter on 5/31/2017 to News
Rick Grimes vs Marvel Zombies Free ComicHere is the second issue of my Rick Grimes VS Marvel Zombies series! This issue is one of my favorite things that I have ever made, and when you read it, I think you will know why. 

Click the Read More button below, or the title of this post, to see the full post with links to download the comic for free, or open it in a cool interactive online reader. 

New Minimates and Preorders!

Posted by Luke Porter on 5/11/2017 to News
New Minimate Preorders

It's time for a big update! First of all, we have a ton of cool preorders available, including a new wave of Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates and a classic series of TMNT Minimates from the 80's cartoon. There are a lot of Vinimates on the horizon, including some great characters from DC, Elf, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future.

After the preorder list, I have a list of what is coming next week, which is a huge shipment! It includes the Wolverine comic wave, the Spider-Man Homecoming movie wave, and a bunch of cool Vinimates. And finally, the Pirates of the Caribbean Minimates will be here by the end of the month. Check it all out below:

New Preorders

Arriving Next Week

Coming Soon

Rick Grimes vs Marvel Zombies #1 Free Minimate Comic

Posted by Luke Porter on 4/27/2017 to News
Rick Grimes vs Marvel Zombies Free ComicI have been working on a new comic series called Rick Grimes VS Marvel Zombies. I think the title tells you pretty much everything you need to know, and I want to keep the plot a surprise until you read it. But I will say that I had a ton of fun making this, and you don't have to be a Walking Dead fan to enjoy it. Click the Read More button below, or the title of this post, to see the full post with links to download the comic for free, or open it in a cool interactive online reader. 

Toy Fair 2017 Minimates

Posted by Luke Porter on 2/22/2017 to News
Toy Fair 2017 MinimatesToy Fair 2017 had less Minimate surprises than last year, but what did appear got me excited for the possibilities for the rest of the year. The new reveals were the 80's TMNT cartoon, Netflix Iron Fist, DC Vinimates, and previously hidden characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Spider-Man Homecoming movie waves. The Kingdom Hearts license was also announced, but no photos were allowed. Hit the Read More link below to see pics and my thoughts on each of these future releases. 

New Preorders and Rewards Items

Posted by Luke Porter on 1/27/2017 to News

We have a ton of new preorders available! I think this year is shaping up to be an incredible year for Minimate releases already. The Marvel stuff is going to be amazing, but Watchmen and Pirates of the Caribbean?? Sign me up!

Arrived This Week

New Preorders

We have also added items to our Lukers Rewards page! Some of these items are only available by redeeming Lukers, like the Large Armored Crate. We will be adding even more items in the coming weeks. Make sure you are logged in to your account so that you can see how many Lukers you need for each of these items. :)

Rewards Program and Other Updates

Posted by Luke Porter on 12/26/2016 to News

Some big updates in our store:
  1. We have started our reward points program! The point are called Lukers (my wife insisted on this) and you will earn 100 Lukers for every $1 spent in our store. You will be able to redeem them for special items / certain Minimate sets / gift certificates in our store. These special items are not ready yet, but the points will start accruing as of today (we can't do it on any previous orders or preorders). We have some cool items in the works for this. You can see more details here:
  2. We are changing our preorder policy for credit card orders. Starting today, we will be charging credit cards as soon as a preorder is placed, and not waiting until the items come in stock. I know this will be inconvenient for some of you, and I am sorry that we had to make this change. But each time we receive a large Minimate shipment, we have dozens of credit cards that cannot be processed for one reason or another, and we have spent countless hours this year with invoicing and correspondence related to these orders. All existing preorders will fall under our old policy, and will not be charged until those items come in stock. I know this policy will also affect those of you who prefer to place multiple smaller preorders and have us combine them into larger shipments. We can still combine orders, but we will need to charge them as they come in. We will refund extra shipping when we process your order. 
  3. And speaking of combining orders, if you would like us to add to an order, please place a separate order through our store and request that we combine your orders in the comments box during checkout. This helps us to maintain correct inventory numbers so that mistakes and shortages do not occur. We will refund extra shipping when we process your order.

Thanks for all of your support in 2016, and we are looking forward to a great 2017!