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Annalee Call & Resurrection Xenomorph Alien Resurrection Minimates
Alien Resurrection Minimates

Annalee Call & Resurrection Xenomorph Alien Resurrection Minimates

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This wave of Aliens Minimates was originally supposed to be a Toys R Us Exclusive, but with their unfortunate closing, Diamond has made it available to specialty stores like ours! This series includes the following sets:

  • Fury 161 Ripley & Fury 161 Dillon from Alien 3
  • Amanda Ripley & Isolation Xenomorph from Alien Isolation
  • Ron Johner & Advanced Xenomorph from Alien Resurrection
  • Annalee Call & Resurrection Xenomorph from Alien Resurrection


"I am very glad that this wave became available - we weren't sure where some of these TRU exclusive waves were going to end up. And what a cool wave this is! I am glad we are getting characters from the other Alien movies, and these Xenomorphs look amazing."

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