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Aliens Alien Vinimate Vinyl Figure
Aliens Alien Vinimate Vinyl Minimate-Style Figure

Aliens Alien Vinimate Vinyl Figure

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The Vinimates figure line is expanding... into the furthest reaches of space! Based on the 1986 sci-fi/action classic Aliens, the next two iconic characters to be Vinimate-ized are Nostromo survivor Ellen Ripley and a ferocious Warrior Alien! Sculpted in the style of DST's Minimates mini-figures, each 4-inch Vinimates vinyl figure has an articulated neck, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. 




"I wasn't sold on the Vinimates line at first, but after seeing all of the awesome licenses that Diamond has planned for these, I think these have the potential to be a cool and unique line of figures. Plus I need to pick out which ones I am going to buy an exra one of, and repaint into one of the larger Marvel characters."

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